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13 Jun 2013

Time-Lost ... in time!

Today, I didn't manage to get into the raid team because I simply didn't realize it was time to whisper a guildie for an invite, and so they had 10 people and started the raid. I decided to go up to Northrend to find an Unborn Valkyr for one or the other person on my friendslist that was still after one.

After Crystalsong Forest, my path took me to the Storm Peaks. I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be nice to see time-lost again, now that I am absolutely not looking for it?" And, behold, on my way to the second spawnpoint of the Valkyr, he came flying over from the Ulduar spawn.

I switched the UI off and took the screenshots I wanted for a long time: Time-lost flying untagged, alive!

I then thought "tag, tag, hold for someone!" but wasn't sure how, and worried I might oneshot it, and then someone had already come along and killed it. Sorry Relli, sorry Aladur!

For those after it, here's a wonderful wealth of resource by Ponderance, the ultimate expert on Aeonaxx, Time-lost and more:

20 Mar 2013

Zandalari Warbringers

Ah, the new rares that came with patch 5.2... Seeing as I haven't done much apart from chasing these guys, I thought it's time for a post!

Zandalari Warbringers spawn in 5 continents in Pandaria. They have set spawn areas, and their respawn timer is fairly close, around 30 to 55 minutes. Expect to kill all, and by the time you killed the last one, you can already go back to the first spot where you started.

General area of the spawn locations

However, also expect a lot of competition! The Zandalari Warbringers drop not only satchels of spoils (small and large ones), which are the exact same that can drop from the regular rare champions in Pandaria, but they also drop insignias that are bind on account, and that give you 1000 rep with one of four Pandaria factions. With the guild perk and the commendations that you can obtain at revered from these factions, you can get 2200 rep on any alt, any level per insignia! That's the end of dailies as we know it. Factions include August Celestials, Shado-Pan, Golden Lotus and Klaxxi.

Warbringer in Jade Forest (Amber direhorn mount)

And lastly, the warbringers drop: a shiny direhorn mount! There are three colours available, and they always match the colour of the mount that the warbringer spawns on. I am still hoping for a Primal Jade Direhorn to drop.

Warbringer in Kun-Lai (Amber direhorn mount)

The warbringers used to be soloable by many classes, but due to a lot of griefing, Blizzard has decided to make them immune to interrupts, roots, snares, taunts and gripping. If you happen to be a blood dk, you can disregard this change, for everyone else, grab yourself a trusty friend or guildie, before you take on these guys.

Zandalari Warbringer in Townlong Steppes (Jade direhorn mount)

Zandalari Warbringer List of Spells:


Each warbringer has 4 spells at random out of 5 possible choices. You absolutely need to know what these spells do, so you can react accordingly.

  • Horrific Visage:  This used to be a priority for interrupting, as it fears the target that has aggro for 8 seconds! Either ride it out, or use a trinket that can break fear. It can't be interrupted currently.
  • Thunder Crush: Move out of the frontal cone. You can see a dark area on the ground before you get hit by it, but you have to be fast.
  • Vengeful Spirit:  Don't let the spirit get near you, or anything that is attacking the warbringer. It hits very hard. Entangling Roots for druids is perfect for keeping the spirit at bay, slows work too, just keep a distance between it and yourself. It despawns after 20 seconds.
  • Scarab Swarm: Just aoe the scarabs down.
  • Meteor Shower: It helps if you move your camera so you see the area from above. They do damage when they land near you, but they usually fly quite far. They stay above the warbringer so you can't kite it away from the meteors.

Spawn Locations (work in progress)


Jade Forest
Townlong Steppes

Krasarang Wilds

Zandalari Warscouts


The warscouts that spawn along the warbringers are still very soloable, and provide some good training for tackling the warbringers. They each have 3 abilities of the 5 mentioned above, and drop the satchels as well as an insignia. They patrol around the general spawn area.

2 Mar 2013

Ghostly Pandaren Craftsman

This ghost spawns next to one of several trees just East of the Heartland in the Valley of Four Winds. You have to interact with him, and make sure that you have one slot of bag space. He will give you the rather useless Ancient Pandaren Woodcutter after a short conversation. Once someone has spoken to him, he will despawn, so only one person can get the charm at a time. Moreover, there are some rampaging virmen in the area, make sure that you clear the area surrounding the craftsman before talking to him, as he may despawn when you get attacked during interaction.

 As he is an npc, you can add him into NPCscan, his ID is: 64191.

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman

This ghost spawns on the shore of Cattail Lake in the Valley of Four Winds. You have to interact with him, and make sure that you have one slot of bag space. He will give you the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm after a short conversation. Once someone has spoken to him, he will despawn, so only one person can get the charm at a time.

Ancient Pandaren Fisherman
As he is an npc, you can add him into NPCscan: his ID is 64004.

30 Nov 2012


With the arrival of patch 5.1 also comes Bombyx, a unique-coloured dark red caterpillar (err, silk worm), who loves silkweed! He's quite large, as you can see on the screenshot where he passes a Saurok, but shrinks down considerably when tamed.

Well, till now, we've been following tracks that had a beginning and an end. Not for Bombyx. His tracks look just like smaller silweed plants! And since silkweed grows on the borders of the waters anyway, you'll get a bit of a hard time tracking him down.

Bombyx roams the general middle area north of the Temple of the Red Crane, about where the lake splits into two rivers. I have not included a map with his path, this is because he is confined to a relatively small area, and turns and circles and pauses along this path! What I suggest is just throwing flares down where you see a lot of his tracks.

Heavily-chewed silkweed
Tracks: Heavily-chewed silkweed
Level: 90

This is a rough map of his whereabouts:

And here is a video by Kalliope featuring Bombyx:

26 Aug 2012


Hexapos was the last rare hunter creature I needed to uncover. It took me a while, as a lvl 86 in a lvl 90 zone without flying. He's got a huge patrol range and is the only white strider since Marticar, the rare Outland strider got a coat change.

You have to follow the tracks backwards, they're still bugged like all the other tracks!

Mysterious Tracks

Leaves: Mysterious Tracks
Level 90

Hexapos map

This map is based on a map by Golden of Petopia Forums (if I'm right).

25 Aug 2012

Alani's mount drop

Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Thanks to a dedicated beta player named Esinar, we have a video showing how he uses the sky crystal to remove Alani's protective shroud and kills it.
The crystal already removes a portion of Alani's health (it's a short channeling spell) which should tag the cloud serpent to the player using it (it would make sense!)

Esinar's Alani kill 


Alani drops the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. The mount, according to the tooltip, requires exalted reputation from the August Celestials. However, like all cloud serpents, you also need to be exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent to mount it.

Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

It will take time and effort to earn this pretty mount. You can't just camp for it to spawn, you have to work for it. But you also know that sooner or later, you will have ten sky shards to summon it. What happens after you use the crystal, and you disconnect, someone kills you or even Alani kills you...) we'll find out. I hope it doesn't mean starting from 0, but with the time-lost protodrake and Aeonaxx, the exact same thing could happen to you!

If you just found this post and have no clue about sky shards and where to find them, please click on the Alani tab at the top of the site.

31 Jul 2012


Portent (Emerald)
Portent (Cobalt, aaah isn't he pretty!)

Portent (Ruby)

Portent (Violet)

Portent spawns just like Madexx, in one of four random colours, but he is not a colour changer.
He travels from the very western wall through the entire zone and ends north-west of Mogushan Palace. My map is based on a map done by TheDoomcookie (Petopia Forums), as he goes into phasing when you haven't unlocked the August Celestial dailies.

Portent's tracks are now spawning correctly, no need to follow them backwards anymore!

Leaves: Dusty Tracks
Level 90


30 Jul 2012


Stompy is a unique skinned blue goat that can be found around Mount Neverest. It seems to have more than one possible patrol paths, I could find it  near Shado-Pan Monastery in Kun Lai Summit patrols from Winter's Blossom to near the summit of Mount Neverest (through the falling ice and icy windy tornadoes and all!).

Stompy's tracks are now spawning correctly, no need to follow them backwards anymore!
Leaves: Heavy Tracks
Level 88



Savage is a unique skinned white tiger with blue eyes that patrols around the area between Sri La Village and The Arboretum and all the way from east to west.

Savage's tracks are now spawning correctly, no need to follow them backwards anymore!
Leaves: Bloody Tracks
Level 85

And an excellent, informative video by Kalliope!

29 Jul 2012

The rare hunter pet riddle

The tamable beast riddle of the Beta.


I'll keep my hunter pet page updated. You'll find it at the top of this blog, or by clicking here. The riddle is being solved as I type this. Thanks to dedicated hunters on the Petopia forums. First ones to mention are Loki, Sensionn (I believe I met you on Mekkatorque last night looking for the quilen :D, Kalliope, The Doomcookie, Quivering... )

Where are all the rare hunter pets on the Beta? The white tiger with the blue eyes, the new spirit beasts...

Well. Apparently, they are there on the beta. But you have to find them.

Alright, so I have been permission to tell you all a few things about the rares in Mists of Pandaria.

Right now, they're in beta, but there are two things you need to know:

You will only see them on your hunter
You will not actually see them, but your hunter skills will allow you to detect traces

So basically, we have to figure out how to find these rares to tame them.

The Doomcookie, Petopia forums.

Personally, spells that are inherent to hunters are Track Hidden, Beast Lore and Flare.
Druids have Glyph of the Predator so they can track pets aswell. But where do we get started looking?

I think this is a great idea. It stops the killing of tamable beasts because of their silver dragon around the portrait, and encourages hunters to actively go looking for them in a new and exciting way.

So, where might the Xuen spirit tiger be hiding out?